Love Has No Religion – Review


Lead actor, Aamir Khan plays a character called PK, who cannot define and distinguish between religions from Hindu to Muslim.

He does not understand the meaning of religion, when it comes to him finding which religion he belongs to; he breaks down. PK realises he disagrees with other spiritual ‘God-men’ leaders of religions, as he believes they are teaching followers the incorrect beliefs. The followers then begin to believe in a wrong belief system of religion, as he describes numerous situations as a ‘wrong number’.

PK arrives in Delhi, searching for his stolen ‘remote control’ (the only remote that can take him back to his home) when he landed from space to the deserts of Rajasthan. He then meets Jaggu, who is a journalist that befriends PK to help him in search of his remote. Jaggu had fallen in love with someone named Sarfaraz whilst in Belgium. However, her parents refused to accept the relationship as Sarfaraz was a Muslim and she was a Hindu.

As well as, PK finding himself within a religion he helps Jaggu to reunite with her Pakistani boyfriend. Throughout the movie it is shown how powerful religious leaders can become to convey their followers that interfaith relationships are wrong. PK tries to win over the followers hearts by showing them that their belief system is wrong. It is not a crime to fall in love with Sarfaraz, the only aspect that is different is his religion but that should not mean religious followers should neglect it.

Many viewers may have forgotten about Aamir Khan’s quote “love has no religion”. This quote is simply what defines the whole movie, yet ignored by many viewers.

No doubt that PK would strap along controversies within religion. Since religion is a strong part of life, it would create debates amongst certain decisions made in the movie.

Surely, the viewers may have been put to rest when they conclude that Jaggu and Sarfaraz will not be reunited together, with the assumption that Sarfaraz had left the alter. Leaving a letter saying he cannot marry her due to the sheer differences in religion and family. Some may be left happy that the interfaith marriage could not be preceded, and some may be left heart-broken, just as much as Jaggu.

From this point onwards is when PK really begins. Aamir Khan is known for his meaningful and eye-opener movies, his performance shined through incredibly. No Alien like PK could teach society a better way of living with religion than he did. Whilst revealing the fake ‘God-men’ and the wrong teachings they have spread, PK also reveals the true love and acceptance of Jaggu and Sarfaraz.

Showing Indian-Muslim marriages as against faith from the beginning of the movie, it then becomes a heart warmer for audiences. Marriage should not be based upon religion; religion is to be loved by all, and not to be against wishes of marriage. Although society in India or around the world may claim to accept religions, it is not of full acceptance when it comes to marriage. If full acceptance was initiated from the beginning of religious belief systems then being against interfaith relationships may as well have been eradicated from society years ago.

PK reflects the Indian society today; it is what the movie has been based upon. For some it may be hard to accept the reality of PK, as when it is hard to accept the reality of this movie it becomes even harder to accept just the story of PK.

PK had amazing thought-provoking scenes that should be applauded, with great courage of performances from the actors. Whilst Bollywood fans have shown appreciation, sadly it has not gained to full credits of achievement due to the deep controversy this movie has entailed within religion and marriage. Unfortunately, society has shown that interfaith relationships will not be happily accepted in a love story.

Society may not accept that love has no religion.


‘PK has become a game changing film’ claims Karan Johar

The Bollywood movie PK (drunk) has led to a debate across Indian politicians and the Bollywood fanatics.

Social media like Twitter has not left a chance for the movie to breathe much positivity with hashtags like #BanPK, #PKdebate and #AntiHindu.

PK is the protagonist of the movie who is finding it difficult to find out which religion he belongs to. After studying all religions and becoming a part of them he realises that people are not following the basics of their religion, but are becoming leaders of religion themselves. Producing their rules in whereby religious followers are conforming to.

Hindu leaders and practitioners have called for a ban of the controversial movie, PK. As, they believe it has defamed Hinduism throughout the scenes of the movie.

Subramanian Swamy is an Indian politician and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Swamy tweeted, “who financed the PK film? According to my sources it is traceable to Dubai and ISI. DRI must investigate”.

“ARY which financed the Aaamir Khan promotional of PK in Dubai was founded by a Karachi based Pakistani named Abdul Razak Yakub” Swamy said.

The Hindu community are not happy about ‘ARY’ promoting PK since they claim it is mocking their religious values. A viewer of PK, Jai Nayar, tweets “the terror links are obvious and extremely dangerous to ignore. PK partners (ARY) openly claim to kill all Hindus. #PKdebate”. Yet, there is no sufficient evidence of the link between PK and the channel ARY to support terror links.

Not only has the PK controversy led to debating about the ban of the movie, but also audiences have felt insulted. As, a member of the Hindu community tweeted, “#BoycottPK – because it is an anti-Hindu movie #PK insult #Hindus going to #temples! #BanPK”.

The star of ‘PK’, Aamir Khan describes religious situations as a ‘wrong number’ in the movie. As PK addressed those Hindu followers who believe the ‘fake God-men’ are leading them to the incorrect beliefs of life. ‘PK’, then presents many situations in the movie as ‘wrong numbers’ that people are broadcasting for the public to view.

Audiences have reacted in many ways towards this movie, some with positive notions and some with negativity. Ignoring the protests that are on going in the ban of PK, some have taken the meaning from the movie positively. It has been proposed and described as an eye opener for India.

A famous Bollywood director, Karan Johar tweets, “PK is hilarious and emotional in equal measure, and it’s a game changing film. Kudos to the team”. He added, “attacking a duly censored film has to stop! What kind of democracy are we living in? No film should be targeted or allowed to be #PK”.

Whilst Bollywood fans have fallen in love with PK, Hindu leaders have held up protests against Aamir Khan.

My Enterprise Idea – An easier way to catch up on the world

This is an enterprise for those individuals who would love shorter and casual clips of the news to view on the go. The enterprise is based on the grounds of a YouTube channel. The channel will entail certain categories of news such as celebrity, entertainment, sports, music, beauty as well as your daily dose of important news that we all need to take in. This channel will be specifically targeted at students aged between 16-25 (males and females) who are consistently busy juggling the study life, social life and possibly a part time work life. Living a busy life as students do, you may not always have the time and be able to make the effort to tune in to watch the news; but how can you not watch the news? How would you know what is happening in your surroundings? This is why you will need to be subscribing to this news channel very soon.

The YouTube clips will be shared through Twitter for engagement, Facebook for promotion and Instagram for a teaser of what’s to come. Since Instagram consists of the 16 second video feature, I will be taking advantage of this to entice audiences to watch the full version of the news on the YouTube channel.

Having conducted research amongst this area I have not come across a YouTube channel which aims to produce short clips of relevant news. Yet there are parody news YouTube channels/episodes such as:

– EGE News Report (BBC News Parody):

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 02.25.59

However, channels like these do not tell the news to inform their audiences. Whereas, my enterprise will be informative as well as, casual and fun to uplift the mood in order to engage students to subscribe to the channel and enjoy. This suggests there is a clear gap in the market, since I am offering a variety of news categories which will be targeting all types of student audiences.

Reflecting on my enterprise idea, I deem that is has a chance of success through the innovative thought of providing viewers with a wide range of categories; which would cater for their needs. Also, knowingly that there are no YouTube channels who present such content, which means my competition is low in terms of social media.

Yet, a downfall of this YouTube channel may be promoting the channel to students as it may be difficult to deliver a certain message to the viewers. As one meaning to a news clip could may lead to students interpreting it to another meaning, thus losing the deeper meaning behind the news clip.

In addition, my news channel may become difficult to please audiences since there will a variety of news categories to be covered within 5 minutes. If all topic areas are not covered then the short clip may not appeal to all audiences but only a few.

As well as BBC3 60 second news becoming a potential barrier towards my YouTube news channel, I still have aspects of success within the unique perspective I am offering through the categories and availability via social media. Furthermore, during research of competitors amongst this area on YouTube I have not come across a channel which upload short news clips consecutively. For instance, here is an example of a YouTube news channel which consist of a few short news clips that do not vary across like my YouTube channel, which will be covering a vast majority of topics. Neither does this channel upload their clips regularly, whereas, my YouTube channel will be providing you with new short clips everyday since news is ‘new’ each day.

My next step to present this news YouTube channel would be to plan a date to launch the channel in order to begin the process of promotion. As well as, sketching out the content that would be imbedded within the videos you would be watching whilst on the go or as you are casually flicking through YouTube. I will also be conducting a focus group of students whereby I will be interviewing and discussing the sub categories that they would like the news clips to be based on, which will fall under each category listed above (entertainments, celebrity, music, sports, beauty and daily news).

We all know the broadcast news you watch on TV is very serious in terms of content. Are you bored of the constant monotoned day to day news on your daily TV news? If you find that the news does not vary from the scale of sad to high key moments then I am sure this is the channel for you. This YouTube channel will provide you with many categories that fall under sub categories to cater for your interests.

Remember that you do not need to tune in to catch up on this version of news!

Please share, tweet and support to bring this YouTube channel to you soon.

Frozen Review


fwb_frozen_20140110 (1) 

When Laszlo asked whether Bell knew when she made Frozen that it would take over kids’ lives, she replied: “I did not know that people would not let it go. No pun intended.”


Frozen is a popular Disney movie, which has melted their viewers hearts with an icy movie, leading to viral karaoke’s to the soundtrack ‘let it go’ which is still not old even a year later. This is a story of two sisters who had become distant from a childhood accident. Where the super powers of Elsa had eventually overpowered her relationship with her one and only family member Anna. It is a beautiful story where both become heroes to save each other. Who said you needed a prince to save you?

The narrative is somewhat different to the typical Disney movies you have already seen. Seems like Disney were trying to indicate the meaning and importance of siblings. Eradicating the ‘prince’ as a hero to come and save the day. Although we do see potential heroes in the movie such as ‘Hans’ and ‘Kristoff’, we believe that Hans is the only saviour to help solve the disequilibrium of Anna’s freezing heart. This is when the narrative and plot have a major twist, as Prince Hans is later revealed towards the end of the movie that he is in fact the villain. You have to give credit to the narrative at this point when you realise there never was a villain playing a role until the end of the movie. As majorly we see a villain within the first half on any Disney movie.

With the twisting plot, we as the audience believe that Hans is the only one that can truly save Anna, to only realise that the answer is Kristoff. This makes the audience jump to conclusions but only to leave them more surprised to find out that Elsa was the hero; she was the act of true love to unfreeze her heart (new equilibrium).

Binary opposition falls into place since Elsa’s magic power is something so beautiful and gentle, yet so damaging, as the fear of her magic is her biggest enemy. The capability of making it snow is something so gentle and safe yet is shown as grave danger.

Elsa is seen as the hero of the movie, with Anna as the princess who needs to be saved. The false hero is evidently Hans who then later is revealed as the villain. Leaving Kristoff as the helper who we thought was also a hero. Of course Olaf was the helper who stuck by Anna and made her realise that her true love was Kristoff. I believe the donor would be the troll who magically healed Anna when she was first stroked with ice.


The character Olaf who is a fun and pretty clueless snowman, as any snowman would be ‘without a brain’, changes the dynamics of the narrative from a rather serious tone to uplifting the mood. Olaf changes the common structure of a snowman as he loves the summer dearly, yet has no idea that he will melt since he is made out of ice.

In conclusion this is a narrative, which teaches viewers the realms of sisterhood. For a change it is about family not about romance.

Simply beautiful.

Things People Lie About- IIsuperwomanII

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 18.48.10

Lying is the only resort left when you want somethings done, or don’t want something done. There is always a reason that attract all types of people to lie. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, or else you are left in a right pickle.

Kids often lie to escape from the worst. Parents lie by coming up with ridiculous conspiracies to stop you from doing certain things. Students lie to get away with not doing assignments. Teachers lie too, now I know you’re thinking “WHAT?’ but yes they do. Ever wonder why you hadn’t received your test results in your Monday class? They LIED to you!

Here are videos for you to watch about things kids, parents, students and teachers lie about. 

Things kids lie about

As kids we have all at least lied about not having a school day, promising to clean your room; or that everyone has failed the exam that you failed. If you relate to these then I am sure you will relate to many more lies you kids may lie about. Click here below and make you give it a thumbs up.

Things parents lie about

Oh yes! Your parents lie to you too, aren’t we all just as bad as each other? Being a parent is far from easy at times. Yet lies become a better way to become a better parent. Parents always try their best to drive you kids away from drinking fizzy drinks. So to stop you they will come up with the weirdest theories like, “COKE will give you CANCER”. Now Coke may not cause cancer, but it stores a lot of sugar in your body which becomes hard to shake off the older you get. I’m sure your parents have used the police against you too! Hit play to watch what your parents lie about, give it a THUMBS UP if you relate to it.

Things students lie about

Lying in school, college or university is something that everyone has lied about at least once in their life time. We’ve all lied to our teachers to save ourselves from from getting totally screwed in front of everyone. Now if you are thinking “no i’ve never lied”, I’m sure you’re lying right now! I don’t think anyone can think of the most wonderful excused ‘excuse’ ever, so lying seems like the best option, right?

Now that you know IISuperwomanII pretty well from the above two videos, enjoy her next video as she displays many ways in which students lie to their teachers.

Things teachers lie about

Well if you will lie to your teachers, what’s stopping them from lying to you? Don’t we all just develop a love hate relationship with our teachers? We love them when we pass our tests, but hate them when they LIE about what will be on the test. Click below to watch multiple lies that teachers tell you.

That’s a WRAP! If you enjoyed watching IISuperwomanII make sure you subscribe to her channel. Join IISuperwomanII on her adventures and be sure to give it a thumbs up.

Into The Future Event: small reflection

Networking event Date: 9th May 2014 Location: Birmingham City University

Networking event

Networking event


Into The Future, was a great success in my eyes as we had put this event on within a few weeks of planning. There were great inspirational Keynote speakers during the whole day of the event. Yet one speaker/media professional had inspired me through the journey and struggle she had gone through to get to where she is today; Selina Brown.

Into The Future- BCU Networking event

Make sure you take a look at the schedule on:

Networking event

Networking event


Media careers and networking event which includes talks from industry professionals and work portfolio presentations from second year BCU Media students

A chance to network with industry professionals and showcase media skills.

General Information
In the morning there will be talks from industry professionals who will be discussing the future of media within their specialist area. Speakers include representatives from the TV, radio, journalism, events, PR, photography, music and web fields of Media.

In the afternoon Birmingham City University students will be showcasing their work in a talent showcase. You will have the chance to hear fromand meet a variety of students with various ideas on what they can bring in to the future industry, this is also an opportunity for professionals to seek the best students to collaborate with.

The event is open to everyone across the field, whether you are already well established in the industry, or if you are interested in a career in media and want to find out more about the future of the industry.

Registration is open from 8AM, Event begins at 9AM.

Register your FREE tickets here:

For more information, please visit: and follow the latest updates on

Sneak Preview: Fashion Photography

Through this ‘fashion’ photo shoot I wanted to portray a message across particularly to women. The message that you do not have to wear designer or high end fashion clothes to look good, you make look ripped, bland and boring clothes look just as good. Fashion does not mean splashing your money




Overall, this fashion shoot was partially difficult to carry out as part of my  ‘fashion photography’ module. Personally I felt that the range and variety of clothing lacked, which is not very ideal for a ‘fashion’ shoot. However, I am pleased with the results as it is my first ever studio shoot with the no other helping hands. I believe the style I shot in was unique as well as the back drop of the images.

No-makeup selfies raise £8m for Cancer Research UK in six days

Social media has played a great role in being able to get many people to donate £3 just by uploading a ‘no-makeup’ selfie.

It’s astonishing to see how many women have uploaded their no make up selfies and nominating other girls to do the same and donate! Cancer research have raised a bundle of £8m for Cancer Research UK in just a matter of six days.

The no-makeup selfies seem to have become viral as my Facebook feed is flooded with donations after uploading a selfie. It doesn’t stop just there, as the males are doing the opposite; putting make up on. Unfortunately I have not yet seen any posts by males with make up and participating in the donation. They are far too boisterous than we girls think they are, as we cannot get them to upload a make-up selfie of themselves!

I too took part in a no-make up selfie for Cancer Research, and donated £3. I felt great warmth and happiness that I donated, as even as little as £3 can make a big difference!


Post your selfie and donate £3! 🙂

Text Beat to 70007 or donate £3 online.


I had written this article, as it was a topic that inspired me and many others over social networking sites like Facebook. Writing this gave a positivity in myself, as I had also donated and made at least a little difference. I hope that this blog post encourages others to donate too!